Cryptic Crosswords

I'm researching cryptic crossword puzzles in my "spare" time, creating a corpus of them in order to look at some of their linguistic properties. I wrote my first cryptic for the MarkupUK conference in 2018, which was where I also gave my first paper Proceedings are available online in WebHelp format or as a PDF. about the crossword corpus. You can download the MarkupUK crossword below, but be warned that it's very much aimed towards a markup-geek audience, so some of the answers will make very little sense unless you're into XML and all that good stuff.

If you like science fiction, my second attempt at crossword-setting may be more to your taste, and can also be downloaded below. I'll be adding more crosswords as time allows.

Cryptic Crosswords for Download

MarkupUK cryptic crossword, 09 Jul 2018

PDF or PUZ format.

Science-fiction cryptic crossword, 09 Jul 2018

PDF format (PUZ to be added later...).