About Me

My name's Bethan Tovey-Walsh, and I'm a PhD student in Applied Linguistics and Welsh at Swansea University. The amazing Steve Morris and the wonderful Tess Fitzpatrick are supervising my research, which focuses on code-switching and lexical borrowing in Welsh-English bilinguals. My PhD is funded by the CorCenCC modern Welsh corpus project.

When I'm not PhDing, I'm a markup-languages geek. I was a founding member of the Markup UK board, and I introduced the corpus of cryptic crosswords I'm building at the inaugural conference in 2018. I'm also a trained ESOL teacher, and I volunteer with new arrivals to the UK. In a past life, I completed a DPhil in Anglo-Saxon literature, supervised by Malcolm Godden at Oxford, and then went to work for the Oxford English Dictionary.

When my brain needs a break I love various kinds of textile crafts, including weaving and embroidery. I watch sci-fi on TV while I'm crafting, so most of what I make has memories of Bajorans, Battlestars, and baby porgs embedded in it. I occasionally post pictures of my crafty products on my personal Instagram.

I split my time between Swansea, in southern Wales, and Austin, TX, where my husband lives.

You can contact me via Twitter or on email. If you're feeling businesslike, you could use my LinkedIn page.